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Empowering the Adolescent Girls and Young Women in

Wakiso District.

Hope Children’s Foundation is to implement a three year project targeting 300 Adolescent Girls and Young Women as direct beneficiaries and 380 indirect beneficiaries in Wakiso District in the thematic areas of: equipping them with skills in Tailoring occupation through community outreach approaches where they live for purposes of minimizing transport costs since most of them are very vulnerable and cannot afford transport expenses for accessing trainings to other distant training grounds. We shall identify, register the trainees in collaboration with the local community leaders in the district of operation as we have always done because we have already conducted a preliminary base line survey to find out the most pressing community needs including the vulnerability of the adolescent girls and young women in the district according to the statistics here after documented and attached. We shall zone the trainees in selected sub counties in the district and we shall zone out the trainees in each parish of that sub county and shall establish Community Development Learning Centers (CDLCs) where the trainees will be able to be taken through all learning processes as will be scheduled. Project staff of the implementing organization has a Vocational Training Institute with a centre number accredited to the Ministry of Education and Sports. After training, the trainees will register with Directorate of Industrial Training through our center number, be assesses through the modules attended during the training they will be awarded with certificates from the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Apart from identifying the trainees we shall organize inception meetings with the trainees, project staff/volunteers, organizational management committee and the key stake holders in the district and other relevant activities will be scheduled for flagging off the project.

Apart from equipping the trainees with entrepreneurial skills, we shall also Conduct Health Community Out reaches targeting Adolescent Girls and Young Girls, Youth in and out of school and shall provide HTS full package, SRHR, E/PMTCT, F/P, psychosocial support, community facility linkages to the HV+, for further care and treatment, nutritional support and application for the HIV+ and the OVCs, behavioral change communication and condom education and distribution S/GBV, awareness campaigns on killer diseases, home based care, WASH integration in community activities.

We shall organize health sports competitions at the levels of villages, parishes, sub counties and finally at district level for purposes of promoting health for the youth and the general community, promotion of talents for the adolescent girls and young women, youth, for social and income generating inclusions.

We shall in the same way initiate Community Livelihood Enhancement Groups (CLEGs) for purposes of mentoring the beneficiaries about the saving and borrowing scheme for purposes of establishing/ creating pools for boosting and or initiating income generating activities/projects for the beneficiaries for self reliance and sustainable livelihoods. For supplementary income generating activities, we shall train them in mushroom growing, bar soap and candle making.

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