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School Story

Kigoma Academy school had five teachers who were paid by both Mr. Kayemba Kalema and the other two co-directors who were Lumansi Moses and Nsibambi Daniel. In the year 2007 the two directors being that they were volunteering to help Ugandan children, they agreed to withdraw and leave the Academy in the hands of Mr. Kayemba and Hope Children Foundation’s because of the bigger vision he had for the vulnerable children. In 2011 Hope Children’s Foundation was formally registered with the Government of Uganda as a Not-for-profit and Non-Government organization. Children were gathered from different areas to one project (Kigoma Academy School). Being that the academy was on the church land and the former two directors of the Academy had withdrawn, partnership with the church was made, after signing the partnership, the project came to be named Kigoma Adventist Academy, being on the Church land. Kigoma Adventist Academy grew up very quickly, and the number of the marginalized children had grown to 160 by the year 2015. By this time the director was not in position of accommodating well as feeding and educating all the children at the foundation. Because 60 pupils were in the boarding section and 100 pupils were day scholars. In the due course, the director received a letter from the church, which was stopping all the activities, which were being operated on the church land and commanded to close up the orphanage school.

Exodus School

Good enough the director had saved some little money that was enough to purchase and own the foundation land. The Director managed to purchase 1.5 Acres in the names of Hope Children's Foundation at Bombo-Kiteredde, 34 km from the Kampala city center along Kampala - Gulu road and start rebuilding the foundation from scratch by building up new structures on the purchased Organization's land in 2016. And the school's name was changed from Kigoma Adventist Academy to Exodus Juniour School on February / 21 / 2016 but the main aim of the foundation was never changed and it remained helping the orphans, vulnerable children, underprivileged and poor children from poor families. The main challenge experienced was many children who were left at the previous location couldn't be gathered back to the new location since there were no permanent structures at the new location for accomodating all the children, per now only 50 children are currently being catered for ranging from 3 years to 12 years who reside in the neighbouring home at their guardian’s homes. We are working around the clock to set permanent structures at the new location.

K Frema School

K- Frema is a primary school Located at Namusera Village only 3km from Wakiso district Headquarters along Hoima Road. K Frema was started by Kolobe Fred and Margret, this school is helping children who come from very poor families who cannot afford paying school fees in some other big school in that area. When Fred and Margret sat together and see how wild are the children in the village because of not going to school they decided to help these children in their village by starting a school for those low earner, the fees which fits in what they get, so K frema was started, here children are paying very little money for their learning its too little compared to some other nearby schools. Fred and Margret are not educated only completed Primary level (Grade 7) but decided to help Uganda's children because they didn't want the children to go through the same experience they had gone through. The school has stayed for more than 5 years and its being helped and monitored by Hope Children's Foundation. Our hope is that when you join

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